Conceptual public art is a powerful way to engage communities and spark conversations about important issues. Rather than simply existing as a visual object, conceptual art is meant to be experienced and interacted with. It can challenge our assumptions and offer new perspectives on the world around us. By placing these works in public spaces, they become a shared experience, encouraging dialogue and promoting social change. Conceptual public art has the ability to transform our urban landscapes into thought-provoking, dynamic environments that reflect the diverse perspectives of the people who inhabit them.

Time is Time Was

Public Mural at Coimbatore, India.

I lost my grandfather when I was about 4year old and I still carry his Richo automatic watch in my bag, Something attaches me to him.

This makes me think about the human association with objects they own... And how after they are gone the objects become the source of remembrance.

The building we were assigned to paint at Ukaddam start India inspired me to inquire about this relationship again, of the man and the objects... The living and the non-living, and how the non-living holds the living.

Along with Deekshita (Tamil translator and Co-ordinator), We went to each house of the housing apartment asking people to lend us objects that hold memories, aspirations, emotions, or anything else that makes the object special to them.

And we got flooded... With object and their stories. Stories of freedom, friendship, achievement, aspirations, death, disaster, loss, and love.

We shot the objects as still life and painted them as realistic as the artistic maturity allowed for. With the help of Trivendra Krisshna's experience of more than 25 years of mural making.

When I look back at the time this project was happening it felt like an infinite but... TIME IS TIME WAS.

Curator:  @giulia_ambrogi