Pipes and Leaks

Mumbai Urban Arts Festival(2023)
In collaboration with Ronak Soni
Site-Specific Participatory Installation.

This immersive installation takes shape using the very materials that compose Mumbai's intricate water infrastructure: concrete and pipes. By defying the conventional flow of water, it challenges gravity itself, creating leaks that trace the liquid's journey back to its source.

The pipes, reminiscent of the curvatures found within human anatomy, prompt contemplation on the efforts required to exert control over nature and facilitate urban existence. Moreover, this installation delves into the narratives of the diligent workers who labor tirelessly to uphold and maintain such vital infrastructures.

Curator: Giulia Ambrogi
Assistant Curator: Priyansha Jain


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Time is Time Was (2021)
Public Mural at Coimbatore, India.

When I was a mere four years old, I bid farewell to my beloved grandfather. Yet, his presence lingers through the Richo automatic watch I now carry in my bag—a cherished artifact that binds me to him.

Contemplating this connection between humans and their possessions, I am reminded of how objects, once their owners have departed, become vessels of remembrance.

Assigned to paint a building in Ukaddam, India, I found myself inspired to delve deeper into this bond—between mankind and the inanimate—exploring how the non-living cradles the living.

Joined by Deekshita, our Tamil translator and coordinator, we embarked on a journey through the housing apartments, visiting each household to request items that held memories, aspirations, emotions, or anything that bestowed uniqueness upon the objects.

Overwhelmed we were, flooded with a plethora of items and their accompanying tales. Stories of liberation, companionship, triumph, dreams, tragedy, sorrow, and love.

Photographing these objects as still lifes and rendering them with the utmost realism allowed by our artistic maturity, we undertook the task with the guidance of Trivendra Krisshna—a seasoned muralist with over 25 years of experience.

As I reflect upon the time devoted to this project, it seemed as though it stretched into infinity. Yet, in the grand scheme of existence, time is but a fleeting presence—both eternal and ephemeral.

Curator: @giulia_ambrogi